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well what do we have here

i like it a lot and its deff worth a dl great job. come out with some more and om me when they r posted :D

DJ-X-POSED responds:

Definately will. :)

~Zariah X-POSED~

i love basshunter

this is pretty good are you gonna do the faster pace later on?? im in the process of making a push it rmx of my own i hope it goes well ( and if i can get my songs uploaded lol seems to take forever ) good job on this one


ur going somewhere with this one :D really cool just experiment with the bass lines like i do and pick the ones that feel is right for it.

sonicxtreme responds:

thanks alot 4 your hint...peace

i like it

i like it a lot 5/10


makes me wanna go play now :D 5/10 do more!!!


this is very nice but i do like the original ( more upbeat versions ) but well done on remixing it :D

sounds sweet!

this is actually good you're getting somewhere with this. Imo fool around with some programs like im doing ( fruity loops etc ) and you could make this into a great song. :D

NickPerrin responds:

Thanks for the review!
Actually I made this in Logic, which does everything I need it to as I'm sure you know!
Everything you hear is produced originally, no loops/samples used - just a lot of heavy sound processing on sampler kits and synthesis! I will probably turn this into a full track at some point using Logic, so stay tuned. Thanks for listening...
Oh, and props to a fellow Canadian!

I agree with tsouflis

it could be used for an ending of a war game that will have a continuation :D great work.

soo calm

this is very neat nice definately started to bob my head to it :P ( and hip hop's not my thing)

Cdragon94 responds:

Haha nice :P I made a really nice hip-hop song during school I hope to put it onto a disk tomorrow and then put it on my computer and upload it onto my favs audio site =)


:D OMG i really wanted the original song but this is just 100 times better :D

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